I directed the shots of the tablets for this spot for USA networks. This was after I shot a still shoot very similar to this and they really liked the results.

I worked with dirctor Chris Floyd http://www.chrisfloyd.com/ to creat 4 short films for Conde Nast Digital for the Nissan Rouge. I was the head producer and Assitant Dirctor for this job. We shot in Miami at many diffrent location over a week. Chris made this dirctors cut video that you can veiw below that combines all 4 short films in to one. I did a voice over in NYC with the talent a few months after we wraped in Miami for this as well.

This was a short film made for the Jewelry company Anzie. I directed this film and shot the stills for there Campaign all in one day.

Ibis is a company from Columbia. I created this short film to help with there branding. I shoot the stills for there catalog and there ad campaign that day as well.

The following is a series of short films that I worked with Director/Photography Chris Floyd. I was Director of Photography. They where called The Way I Dress and they where made for Mr. Porter http://www.mrporter.com/ a stylish British on line store that sells high end men's fashion.